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For the coming up of 4th of July all repairs will be discounted by 30% at the end of service. Take this time to get your system fixed or an upgrade done. All upgrade will be the cost of the build and 50 bucks only for laybor. This discount will go on for July 4-20th.


Just more code updates and security.


Fixed some more of the mobile site code bugs.


Still working on some bugs and a few problems with the mobile code. Also, with Flash being ended at the end of 2018. We will not have any flash related media/code in the site. The hole site will be html5. So make sure your using a browser that supports html5. We still need to get the new server also. We are very behind at this time but hope by the start of 2018 (jan 1st), we will have everything done and running at 100%.


We fixed some coding bugs. Also, the new forums will be online in about 2-4 weeks. Sorry its so long off for them. We still need to get the new SSL host going and everything tweaked for it and on the new PHP & MySQL that support the new forums.


Hope you guys like the new layout. We finally got around to making the new site design and think it came out pretty sweet. Full support for phones & tablets too. So if you find any bugs let us know.

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