System Repair Services

Office Support
Diagnostics (software/OS) - $25.00
Virus/Malware removal - $55.00-$80.00 - (Depending on the problem, a Windows Re-Install might have to be done).
Password Reset - $30.00
Data Recovery - $50-$400 (Depends on the type of recovery and amount of data) If data can not be recovered there is no charge.
Windows Re-Install - $80.00 (includes backup of "Windows Default documents folder, Pictures, Music, ect", we us customers OS serial if copy of OS is needed then it will be an added price of the OS it self).
General System Maintenance/Tune-Up - $50.00-$80.00 (Depending on the problem, a Windows Re-Install might have to be done).
Hardware Diagnostics - $40.00 (this will run over night, most of the time).
Windows Upgrade/Clean Install - $60.00 and price of the OS (unless customer already has OS).
Other Services - Call for consultation & pricing.
Note: Date Recovery, General System Maintenance & Hardware Diagnostics are done at the remote site (not at customers location). Because these processes are very time intensive.
Remote Support
Diagnostics - $30.00 an hour
Virus/Malware removal - $65.00 – If need be, system will be repair at office. General System Maintenance - $85.00 an hour (Depending on the problem, a Windows Re-Install might have to be done & or system taken to Office to finish repairs).
Note: You must be present the whole time for the remote support. B/c of limitations if a reboot must be preformed. The customer will have to give the tech new password on restart.
On site service / system pickup & delivery Add $35 to any server. This will include going to customers house (bringing system back to office and taking system back home).
System Upgrades If your system needs an upgrade, please let me know what you want upgraded and your price range. We do not keep parts in stock. Once the needed information is received you will have a reply email with the information on your parts and labor price. If you have bought your own parts for the upgrade and need them installed we do it for free.

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