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We are still working on the new layout. It's coming along nice from what think lol. Also, we have added an "It Works" Section. If you want to get into healthy, lose lose weight or just general better health over all. Check it out, in the upper right of the nav menu. It will take you to the site all setup and you can see what they have and how to sign up and buy if you want. It has great products and has help keep our staff from being sick as long when some does get sick and all kind of cool stuff.


Well, it's been an other year for us. Nothing to huge and still got big planes for 2017. We do hope everyone had a good 2016 and that this year brings great things to you all. So for the New Years. All month of Jan 2017, all custom builds will be the 500$ off the final build price and free normal shipping.

Also, we are hopping to find a host the will support the newest board version of PHP & mySQL so we can get the forums running once more. The new site layout is in the works too but you will get more info on that as it becomes clear on the new layout, We still are shooting around ideas and don't like any of them yet lol.

Everyone have a good and safe Jan.
Take care all

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